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Urban centres as growth engines

Recently Delhi chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made a comment that people from Bihar get into a train and come to Delhi by paying four  hundred rupees and avail themselves of medical facilities substantial in nature causing a drain on the resources of the Delhi state. Coming from the  chief Minister of a state more so where the national capital is located the comment looked quite strange.Though there is no bar on freedom of movement across the country and constitution guarantees freedom of movement without any restriction but still it is natural that all Indians from different nooks and corners of the country feel that they have a natural right over the capital city of the country. By travelling from some other place people  are able to claim substantial medical benefits there is something wrong the way the scheme is devised and it is high time the chief Minister concentrates on plugging the loopholes. Normally for anybody to avail such facility proof of residence and identity is  ins…

United by Monsoon Divided by Kashmir.

There's something unique about the monsoon in the Indian subcontinent. It does not respect National boundaries. When it pours pours across the subcontinent and  when it fails it fails creating a drought  like situation across the subcontinent. Though sometimes it fails in some parts and is active in some other parts of the subcontinent but most likely its effects are  uniform across the subcontinent in greater number of years.
This year the monsoon decided to pour and it's pouring cats and dogs across the subcontinent bringing in its aftermath flooding, dengue ,malaria. Even after 70 years of independence the flooding is common on both sides of the border.if the  Municipal administration department is efficient you may wade through knee deep water if not waist  deep water. The mosquito same way as monsoon does not respect the national boundaries. prevalence of monsoon related diseases are equally deadly on both sides of the border. The flies, unhygienic and unsanitary conditi…