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Climate change- rally and after

Greta Thunberg Swedish teenager  sailed on a yatch  with zero carbon foot prints crossing the Atlantic  to participate in the rally on climate change on 20 th September  and in the UN  climate action summit on 23rd September at  Newyork . She has been consistently raising her voice against climate change and has become voice of the younger generation drawing world attention to  climate change which is threatening our very survival. Meanwhile scientists in  Iceland were  busy  erecting a memorial in  August to  Okjokull the first Iceland glacier to melt. In a memorial captioned 'letter to the future' they mentioned Okjokull is the first glacier  to lose its status and in another 200 years all Iceland glaciers are expected to follow.
On the other side of the coin Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge the impact of climate change .Brazil Bolsonoro is overseeing the one of the worst forest fires leading to large scale deforestation of the Amazon forests.

It is scientifically establ…

Way forward for BJP in Andhra Pradesh

2019 elections saw  BJP wave across the country. The same was absent in Andhra Pradesh where they got less than 1% vote share far less than it's traditional  vote share even when there was no wave across the country. There are reasons peculiar to  Andhra Pradesh for this to happen. Polarisation was so sharp and anti incumbency against  TDP government was so intense people looked for an  alternative who can replace the TDP government and hence even otherwise traditional voting to BJP went to YSRCP a party  perceived  to be in a position to defeat TDP.

The other reason was Telugu Desam party and its friendly vernacular  media succeeded  in presenting to the public that  BJP did not honour the commitments  made at the time of state bifurcation and is  the  root cause of all the financial problems of the state post bifurcation.But this election also opened political space  for BJP to get strengthened in Andhra Pradesh since results left Telugu Desam party totally dissimated.