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Abrogation of Article 370, a masterstroke

Normally certain portions of the manifestos of political parties keep on recurring from one manifesto to the other. They are perceived both by  the parties as well as the public as statements of  intention and neither take seriously their implementation. When in 2019 BJP manifesto removal of article 370 and 35 A was  mentioned the expectation from the public was also the same. Since there was also a general  popular perception that  constitutional amendment was required  to remove article 370 and since  BJP did not get the two thirds majority required for the constitutional amendment there was no great public expectation that this would be implemented by the BJP during this tenure.

But suddenly during the last days of this parliament session the presidential order removing article 370 as well as 35a  was brought to the parliament for its approval. A provision (3)of article 370 which provided for the abolition or modification of article 370 through  presidential notification was succe…