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Telangana Inter results fiasco : Urgent need for a foolproof system

Intermediate or the plus two stage is a very crucial phase in the academic and the future professional life of students in India. 
In a system where there is no flexibility of interchange between disciplines at a later stage Intermediate decides in what profession a student is going to finally take up in his/her career. But this is the phase of exams which at different times were mismanaged leading to a lot of suffering and heart burn among students and their parents. We had earlier cases of leakage of question papers errors in jumbling giving rise to Minister wanting to resign owning up moral responsibility (in a carefully orchestrated move) which promptly is rejected by the chief Minister.

Never in the past has this issue been messed up to a level as is done by the Telangana Intermediate Board now resulting in suicides by about twenty students bringing untold, avoidable sufferings to those families. The Honourable High Court intervened and ordered for the re- evaluation of the answ…

Grounding of Jet Airways

After  Government of India nationalised Air India by acquiring majority stake from Tata sons and formed Indian Airlines by taking over amalgamating the other  domestically operating carriers in India we had domestically Indian airlines and internationally Air India since 1953. Initially  they have done very well with JRD Tata at the helm of affairs of  Air India as chairman till 1977 and also as a director on the board of Indian airlines.

As is the case with most of the public sector enterprises  deterioration started in these enterprises as well with undue political interference inefficiency and  corruption. In 90s once the Indian government started opening up the economy to private sector aviation sector was also  one among them. Thus in early 90s came number of private airlines Modi luft , damaniya ,nepc and the Jet Airways. Most of them folded up within few years .Out of the early birds it is  Jet Airways which kept on flying till a few days back when all its flights were grounde…

ఉన్నతాధికారులపై నిందలు హానికరం

ఉన్నతాధికారులపై నిందలు హానికరం

తనకు అనుకూలంగా పనిచేస్తేనే సమర్థులైన అధికారులుగా చిత్రీకరించడం.. లేకపోతే అసమర్థులుగా, అవినీతిపరులుగా ముద్ర వెయ్యడం ఏపీ సీఎం చంద్రబాబుకు పరిపాటి అయిపోయింది. తానా అంటే తందానా అన్నవిధంగా ఆయన చెప్పే ఈ అసత్యాలను విస్తృతంగా ప్రచారం చేయటం తన అనుకూల మాధ్యమాలకు అలవాటు అయిపోయింది. తన తప్పిదాలకు, వైఫల్యాలకు అధికారులను బాధ్యులుగా చేస్తూ ముఖ్యమంత్రి ప్రవర్తించడం, అదే నిజంగా ప్రజలను నమ్మించడానికి యత్నించడం ఆయనకూ, అనుకూల మాధ్యమాలకు చాలాకాలం నుంచి వెన్నతో పెట్టిన విద్య. గత వారంలో ప్రభుత్వ ప్రధాన కార్యదర్శి విషయంలో బాబు  చేసిన వ్యాఖ్యలు, ప్రధాన ఎన్నికల అధికారి విషయంలో అనుసరించిన వైఖరి గత 30 ఏళ్లుగా కష్టపడి జాతీయంగా, అంతర్జాతీయంగా సంపాదించిన సీఎం వ్యక్తిగత స్థాయిని తుడిచిపెట్టేశాయి. నేను సర్వీసులో చేరిన కొత్తలో శిక్షణ పొందుతూ ఉన్నప్పుడు ఎమ్మార్‌ పాయ్‌ అని సీనియర్‌ ఐఏఎస్‌ ఆఫీసర్‌ ఉండేవారు. ఆయనకు అన్ని అర్హతలు ఉన్న ఆ రోజుల్లో నాటి సీఎం చెన్నారెడ్డి వారిని విస్మరించి వారి కన్నా  సర్వీసులో జూనియర్ని చీఫ్‌ సెక్రటరీగా చేశారు. అపారమైన పరిపాలన అనుభవం నిజాయతీ, మంచితనం కలిగిన వ్యక్…

Naidu's attempt to browbeat EC is objectionable

Naidu's attempt to browbeat EC is objectionable

Last week witnessed certain  unusual happenings in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The chief minister of  Andhra Pradesh a day before  elections thought it fit to visit the office of the chief electoral officer and engage him with reference to the ongoing electoral process and spoke to him in a manner which was highly intimidating. He also thought it fit to sit on a  dharna outside his office.

As soon as the elections were  over he held a press conference where in he went hammer and tongs against the  election Commission and its functioning and in the process targeted the chief secretary appointed by the election commission. He was also highly critical about the functioning of the EVMs and their  reliability and went to the extent of remarking that he does not know to which party he voted.The behaviour of the chief minister was definitely not becoming of someone holding a  constitutional post more so a person who established for himsel…

Retired IAS Officers forum AP &Telangana Representation to the Governor of AP & Telangana

Dt:16.04.2019 From, The Retired IAS officers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
To His Excellency Governor of Andhra Pradesh &Telangana. Respected Sir, Sub:-Certain intemperate remarks by Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh against the Chief Secretary and Chief Electoral Officer –Reg.

We,retired IAS officers of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, express our anguish at the reported statement of the Chief Minister of AP against the Chief Secretary to the Government of AP and at his behaviour towards the Chief Electoral Officer when he visited latter’soffice on 10th of April.( press clippings attached).

As you would note, such a statement by Sri Chandrababu Naidu against the reputation of a brilliant officer like Sri LV Subramanyam militates against public interest since it challenges the legitimate authority of the Election Commission of India. Also the intimidating manner in which Sri Naidu spoke to the Chief Electoral Officer is unbecoming of a public figure of his stature and standi…

Remarks by the Chief Minister of AP against Chief Secretary

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
From, Retired IAS officers of united Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana 

Dear sir,
Sub:  certain remarks by the Chief Minister of AP against Chief Secretary and the Chief Electoral Officer -reg
We the retired officers of the united Andhra Pradesh,  Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana cadre condemn the derogatory remarks of the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh against the chief secretary of  Andhra Pradesh and his behavior with the Chief Electoral Officer.
L.V. Subrahmanyam as known to all of us is an outstanding officer. When the cases have been quashed by high court it is an unfortunate chief minister is referring to him as an accused. We request the honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to avoid such comments in future and withdraw them at once and apologize.
Similarly, the manner in which Chief Minister went to the office of the Chief Electoral Officer and the manner he spoke to him is also not in the best traditions of administration and se…